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My Scuba Label ID by Active Trends

Protect your dive gear investment with personalized, waterproof, adhesive labels
By Patricia Wuest | Published On May 26, 2023
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My Scuba Label ID by Active Trends

A regulator on a dock

The labels come enhanced with a protective lamination film, designed to combat print scratches and prevent fading.

Courtesy of Active Trends

We’ve all been there — we surface from an exciting dive and immediately begin sharing everything we saw with our fellow divers, while we remove our gear and wiggle out of our wetsuits. Keeping your gear organized while you’re distracted by the fun post-dive conversations you’re having is not always easy, especially once you’ve dumped it all in a communal rinse tank. I’ve been on more than one dive when someone else has had the same camera, pair of fins, regulator or BC. More than a couple of times, I’ve had to sort out ownership with another diver, including one memorable time when someone was about to drive off from a shore dive with my fins in his gear bag!

“So much of dive gear looks the same. It’s easy on a dive boat to grab somebody’s gear. These stickers work great. I put them on my dive lights, underwater camera, compass and more hard surfaces. I also put them on my scuba fins.” — Capt. John (Amazon verified review)

Scuba divers have plenty of gadgets, gizmos and accessories to choose from, but one that might be overlooked is a way that you can clearly identify essential gear such as your mask, snorkel, BCD, regulator, fins, booties, wetsuit, computer, weights and tanks. You’ve made a significant investment in your dive gear, so why wouldn’t you take every step to make sure you never lose it? It makes sense, and yet very few divers label their gear, or if they do, they resort to using a marker that can be messy and visually unappealing.

Active Trend offers an attractive and durable alternative, My Scuba Label ID — personalized, waterproof 3M sticker labels. These labels may not be a lifesaving accessory, but they are a functional and smart way to ensure your gear is clearly identified as belonging to you and help you avoid mix-ups like the one I had with my fins.

A black scuba fin on a dock

The labels are waterproof, and their adhesive properties are exceptional, guaranteeing a secure and long-lasting attachment.

Courtesy of Active Trends

Gear ID in a Label

With My Scuba Label ID, you no longer have to fret about misplacing or losing your gear or having it accidentally (or deliberately) taken by another diver.

“Any scuba diver who’s been boat diving (especially on a crowded boat) knows that everyone’s gear looks the same and gets mixed up into one big pile. What to do? Some divers mark their gear with paint or Sharpie, but it wears off and looks ugly. Some don’t mark their gear at all, and it disappears.” — Gearhead, Silicon Valley, Calif. (Amazon verified review)

You spent a long time finding the gear that’s perfect for you — not to mention the hard-earned money you spent on it — so why would you take chances and not identify your gear with these personalized scuba diving stickers.

Various Label Sizes for All Your Gear

When you order My Scuba Label ID stickers, you’ll discover that they are on a sheet in a variety of sizes, so that you can find the perfect sized label for all your gear, from the smallest accessory such as a pocket knife or light to all your underwater camera components to your BC and tank.

“I love that the stickers come in different sizes. I tagged all of my dive gear immediately!” — R. Sanchez (Amazon verified review)

There are a total of 139 individual, pre-cut and easy-to-peel-off labels on each 8 3/8" x 10 3/4" sheet. There are 34 individual long horizontal labels (3" x 5/16"); 45 in the small horizontal size (1 1/2" x 3/16"); 30 in the small square size (9/16" x 9/16"); and 30 in the large square size (13/16" x 12/16").

You have so much flexibility in labeling each item of gear in your gear bag!

A male scuba diver underwater looking at camera

By clearly marking your equipment, you can ensure that you never lose it again.

Courtesy of Active Trends

Safety Feature in a Label

The labels are reflective, which many divers will appreciate underwater. Particularly during night dives or when conditions are a bit murky, any element that can aid you in spotting your dive buddy is an added layer of safety.

“I also had a chance to go night diving and these sticker do reflect light back — quite cool. That is one added safety feature. Thumbs up!” — Dive and Sea Sports, New Westminster, B.C. (Amazon verified review)

If you regularly dive with a friend or significant other, why not invest in labels for both sets of gear to increase your underwater safety?

Made from Quality Materials

Active Trends has added lamination film to My Scuba Label ID labels, which helps resist scratches and fading. They are waterproof, weatherproof, tamper-resistant and even dishwasher-friendly.

“They all held up over 25 dives-plus, and they are still looking like new even after boat abuse, saltwater, washing, and freshwater rinses. Really recommend.” — David Pace, Westminster, Colo. (Amazon verified review)

The labels are not only made to stand up to all the rigors of diving but they also have superior adhesive qualities.

A black scuba mask resting on a rock underwater

Scuba divers rely on labeling their gear to easily identify it.

Courtesy of Active Trends

Peace of Mind

Sometimes, we divers lose our gear to mishaps underwater. We drop a weight, dive knife or torch. I once dropped my dive light in rough water at the surface, and even though we immediately descended for our dive on a shallow reef, I couldn’t find it.

“I have one of these stickers on a dive torch. I dropped it getting back onto a boat on a night dive. Four days later, someone called me to return my torch. It was getting tossed around on a reef for four days and kept its sticker really well. This sticker and the honest dive instructor who found it made sure my torch was returned.” — R. Sanchez (Amazon verified review)

Later that week, a divemaster found my light while diving a nearby site. Well, at least I think it was my light. Without any personalized labels on it, I couldn’t be sure. If only I had My Scuba Label ID back then!

Affordable Five-Star Accessory

Perhaps best of all, My Scuba Label ID are affordable. As mentioned above, you get 139 stickers, so even if one manages to come off a piece of gear, or you buy new gear, you’ve got plenty of extra labels.

“These stickers actually stay and last on scuba gear. I want more, but they give you so many, it’s well worth what you pay for them. I bought some for my husband, too and he adores them. We’re both scuba instructors, so we’re in the water all the time. Five stars all around!” — Anh0613, Raleigh, N.C. (Amazon verified review)

Advertise Your Business

If you own a dive business of any kind, you can customize the labels to advertise your dive shop, photography website or service.

“I ordered ones with my shop’s custom logo. When the stickers arrived, I put them on all my rental gear — tanks, weights, masks, etc. Not only did I get to label my shop’s dive gear, I was even able to promote my logo and website as well.” — Dive and Sea Sports, New Westminster, B.C. (Amazon verified review)

You will customize your order by clicking on the “Customize Now” button on the upper right-hand corner of the My Scuba Label ID Amazon store. Before the labels are shipped to you, you will be sent a proof to ensure there are no errors.

Solution for Neoprene Surfaces

Male scuba diver smiling at camera with a thumbs up

Label your wetsuit with Zipp Tags

Courtesy of Active Trends

One note: the stickers do not adhere well to soft and flexible materials like neoprene wetsuits and booties. Active Trends has a remedy for this called Zipp Tags. There are five sets of Zipp Tags in a pack. Each set contains a paracord, clear plastic tube and a paracord lock. Your personalized label goes into the tube.

So much versatility with both these products! They are ideal for use in other outdoor recreational activities, such as fishing, boating, kayaking, camping and photography.

To take advantage of the special group rates for dive clubs, dive resorts, liveaboard operators, sailing teams, and other groups, please contact us at [email protected].

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