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New Purpose-Sunk Wrecks For Scuba Divers

By Mary Frances Emmons and Kadu Pinheiro | Updated On March 21, 2017
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New Purpose-Sunk Wrecks For Scuba Divers

Check out these new purpose-sunk wrecks that were put down with scuba diving in mind.


Kuraman wreck Malaysia scuba diving Sabah National Park

Kuraman was sunk in Sabah National Park off the island of Borneo.

Gil Woolley

Location Sabah National Park
Type of Ship Malaysian navy warship
Depth 65 feet
Access Divable

Downbelow Marine and Wildlife Adventures in Malaysia has sunk a retired Malaysian navy ship in Sabah National Park off the island of Borneo. The KM Kuraman started life in 1960 in Portsmouth, England, and began serving the Royal Malaysian navy in 1964; in 2015, the ship was rammed by an Indonesian warship during a border dispute. Its smaller compartments were gutted before the November sinking to create more-open dive conditions. After its plugs were pulled, it took 12 minutes for the 100-foot ship to sink into the bay, finally setting down in the waters of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. Two Downbelow scuba divers inspected and found the ship was resting in an upright position.


Kraken shipwreck purpose sunk in Texas for Scuba Diving

The 371-foot Kraken was sunk 70 miles off Galveston, Texas.

Courtesy Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Location Galveston, Texas
Type of Ship Cargo vessel
Depth 140 feet
Access Divable

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has added to its artificial-reef program with the January sinking of a ship dubbed the Kraken, about 70 miles off Galveston, Texas. The 371-foot cargo vessel was built in Japan in 1984; it had been towed from Trinidad to Brownsville, Texas, where it was readied for sinking. “There were fish almost immediately,” TPWD’s Julie Hagen told the newspaper Beaumont Enterprise. Kraken, the third large vessel sunk as part of TPWD’s Ship-to-Reef program, was approved for scuttling in 2014; the new reef is near the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, 70 to 115 miles offshore of Texas and Louisiana.

Pernambuco Artificial Wreck Marine Park

Bellatrix ship wreck scuba diving Brazil

Bellatrix is one of several ships that were successfully sunk close to one another in Pernambuco Artificial Wreck Marine Park.

Kadu Pinheiro

Location Recife, Brazil
Type of Ship Various
Depth 90 to 100 feet
Access Divable

Recife, Brazil, is known for its natural and artificial wrecks; four tugs were added to its artificial-reef marine park in February, donated by the Wilson Sons Group — one of the largest port, maritime and logistics operators in Brazil — to encourage dive tourism in the region. After two years of technical preparation, the Bellatrix, Phoenix and São José tugs were successfully sunk very close to one another, making it possible to visit all three during the same dive. Another tug, Virgo, was sunk close to an older wreck, the Taurus.

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