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Reef & Rainforest is a full service travel agency specializing in scuba diving and water sport vacations. Our staff are divers, adventure seekers and water sport enthusiasts. We have been designing personalized itineraries for individuals and groups from the remote islands of Indonesia to the stingrays of Grand Cayman since 1995. Reef & Rainforest is a leader in customer service and personalized itineraries.

We have contracts with airlines, liveaboards all over the world and dive resorts. We can help with any additional tours and accommodation after the diving portion of your trip.

“Let our Experience be your Guide”.

We are a fully accredited travel agency. ARC * IATAN * ASTA * DEMA * CAST1021532-40


Information: 2574 NW Thurman Street, Suite 200
Portland, OR, 97210, USA
Phone: 1.800.794.9767 OR 503.208.7500

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