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Ask DAN: When can I go to altitude after diving?

Understanding how pressure affects the body is essential for developing, interpreting, and applying safety precautions when scuba diving.

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By adopting a physically active lifestyle, and maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system divers can reduce the risk of potential complications and fully embrace the wonders of exploring the under

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Preparing for cold temperatures is important when getting ready for dives.

Tied Up | Lessons for Life

Lessons to learn from one man's entanglement accident.

ASK DAN: How Can I Minimize My Decompression Stress?

Factors to review to prevent decompression sickness (DCS).

The Healing Power of Scuba Diving

The transformative role of scuba diving in one counselor's recovery from an eating disorder and how it now benefits her clients

Ask DAN: What Should I Know About Oxygen Toxicity?

Everything you always wanted to know about oxygen toxicity, including what's happening as well as signs and symptoms.