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Ocean Corporation: Ultimate Diver Training

With Ocean Corporation’s specialized courses, you’ll develop the open water and deep water diving skills necessary to specialize in rigging, underwater welding and offshore safety.

Ocean Corporation: Commercial Diving Training

Train with the elite at Ocean Corporation to become a master in rigging, underwater welding and performing non-destructive testing.

Ocean Corporation: Nondestructive Training

Nondestructive Testing courses at Ocean Corporation train divers in large number of testing technologies, including ultrasonic, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, electromagnetic, visual, and rad

The Real-Life Superheroes of Scuba Diving

Meet the Heroes of Diving: 5 scuba divers who have dedicated their lives to a life of service to their fellow man and the underwater world that they love.

Joe Weatherby Sinks Ships and Transforms them into Thriving Marine Ecosystems

President of Artificial Reefs International Joe Weatherby has been sinking ships like the Vandenberg in Key West for years. Find out why and how he does it!

OWUSS and Rolex Offer 2016 Scholarships to Future Dive Leaders

The life of an Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society Rolex Scholar — who gets to dive all over the world — is a yearlong underwater thrill ride.

The World's Most Extreme Commercial Dive Jobs

Deadly radiation, decomposing puppies, hydrogen gas explosions and man-eating crocs — it’s all in a day’s work for divers doing the world’s dirtiest dive jobs.