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Scuba Gear Picks For Drift Diving

By Eric Michael | Authored On November 6, 2016
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Scuba Gear Picks For Drift Diving

Scuba diving gear for drift diving
Dive Alert, Jon Whittle, DAN

Are you prepared for your next drift dive? After you brush up on your drift diving skills it's time to go through your gear bag. Are you outfitted with the scuba diving gear you need to drift dive comfortably and safely? Here are some useful pieces of equipment to add to your dive kit so you can be prepared for whatever currents come your way. The Dive Alert Plus and DAN surface signal tube will allow you to be spotted from the surface, just in case the current carries you past the boat or you become exhausted fighting the flow. The Mares Avanti Quattro power fins provide plenty of thrust and will allow you to hold your own without expending too much effort kicking in a current.

Ideations Dive Alert Plus

Price: $80 | Contact:

Ideations Dive Alert Plus audible signaling device for drift divign
Courtesy Dive Alert

Ideations Dive Alert Plus
The Dive Alert plus come in handy when you're out of sight of your buddy or swept past the boat. This gadget simply attaches to your inflator hose and uses a blast of air to make a piercing whistle that can be heard up to a mile away on the surface.

Attracting the attention of the dive boat is paramount to a quick and safe pickup in strong currents. The top-of-the-line Dive Alert Plus features a piercing air whistle that can be heard more than a mile away on the surface. And it connects without tools to your BC with a quick-disconnect hose.

DAN Surface Signal Kit

Price: $75 | Contact:

DAN surface signal marker buoy for drift diving
Courtesy DAN

DAN Surface Signal Kit
For many dive operators working in areas with current, surface signal tubes are a requirement for all scuba divers. DAN's 6-foot surface marker buoy is visible and stores compactly in your kit.

Most quality operators working in strong-current zones require a surface-marker buoy. This 6-foot signal tube has reflective strips and an internal radar reflector to increase visibility for a quick rescue. Plus, it stows easily in a mesh pocket that you can clip to your BC’s D-ring.

Mares Avanti Quattro Power Fins

Prices: $160 | Contact:

Mare Avanti Quattro Power Fin for drift diving
Jon Whittle

Mares Avanti Quattro Power Fins
The Avanti Quattro Power Fin is designed to give you the power of a stiff blade fin, but also maximizes every kick thanks to a flexible tip. These scuba fins are an asset when diving in a current.

To master the current, a stiff blade is key. The Avanti Quattro Power employs a four-channel blade to create ample thrust, and the flexible tip increases efficiency to maximize your kick when you need it most.