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ScubaLab Best Buy Scuba Diving BCs: TUSA Soverin-Alpha

By Scuba Diving Editors | Updated On October 22, 2018
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ScubaLab Best Buy Scuba Diving BCs: TUSA Soverin-Alpha

The TUSA Soverin-Alpha was rated a Best Buy for jacket-style BCs by scuba divers during the ScubaLab 2017 BC review. See what made this BC why this BC stood out to our test divers in the video review below.

I'm Roger Roy, the ScubaLab Director. We tested the TUSA Soverin-Alpha BC. With admirable performance at reasonable price, it was our Best Buy for jacket BCs.

We tested the Soverin-Alpha at Blue Grotto Dive Resort in Central Florida. We conducted objective testing in the pool to measure its buoyant lift and its inherent buoyancy and to gauge its ability to cope with a runaway power inflator. We also conducted a series of test dives where testers scored the BC in ten categories including comfort, stability and ascent control.

In a test where the comfort of the entire range of jackets was notable, the Soverin-Alpha managed to capture the highest overall score for comfort. That's partly due to the well-cushioned back plate and lumbar support. But credit also goes to the harness. The bottom ends of the shoulder straps split into an inverted Y, the lower straps forward ends ,which connect the loops holding the cummerbund, are themselves adjustable, allowing you to line up the straps until they are just right.

Even better, the comfort doesn't carry a performance penalty; despite the cushioning, the Soverin-Alpha was dead neutral in the water in our objective testing. The new integrated-weight system was also rated very good, loading easily and ditching smoothly. The large cargo pockets get a little snug when inflated and some divers felt the zippered rear trim pockets should be located a bit higher, but the BC ended up on most divers' list of top three favorites.

The Soverin-Alpha was our best buy for jacket BCs.

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