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ScubaLab Testers Choice: Zeagle Scope Dual

The Scope Dual mask was a ScubaLab Testers choice during the 2018 dive mask test. Learn what testers liked about this mask in this video review. See the full ScubaLab mask review here.

I’m Roger Roy, the ScubaLab director. We tested the Zeagle Scope Dual mask. With top scores for comfort, adjustability and ease of clearing, it was our Testers Choice for dual-lens masks.

We tested it in the field at Alexander Springs Recreation Area in Central Florida. We evaluated it for the ease and security of making strap adjustments and the overall comfort of the mask in the water. We also rated it for its field of view, how effectively its seal kept our faces dry and how easy it was to clear and equalize.

The arched, jumbo peepers — nearly 3 ½ inches from top-to-bottom — earned top score for field of view along with test diver comments like “exceptional.” The lenses are easily removed and are available in correctives. The big view benefitted from a very close fit from the skirt, which is overmolded onto a low-profile frame that wraps the whole works in protective silicone. You can swap between a silicone or elastic strap by removing Allen head fasteners on the skirt-mounted buckles, which themselves operate flawlessly with a single button. The Zeagle Scope Dual was our Testers Choice for dual-lens masks.