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Seac M70 Mask: ScubaLab Testers Choice

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Seac M70 Mask: ScubaLab Testers Choice

I’m Robby Myers with ScubaLab, we tested the Seac M70 mask. Lightweight and easy to clear, it was our Testers Choice for low-volume masks. We tested it in the field at Alexander Springs Recreation Area in Central Florida. We evaluated it for the ease and security of making strap adjustments and the overall comfort of the mask in the water. We also rated it for its field of view, how effectively its seal kept our faces dry, and how easy it was to clear and equalize.

The internal volume’s not the only thing small about the M70; the whole mask has an itty-bitty, teeny-weeny feel to it, from the dainty buckles and narrow strap to the just-barely there double skirt edge. But the M70 manages the trick of having just enough of everything for the parts to work well together. The skirt is molded directly onto the frame and not overly soft, but test divers found that it sealed well and was surprisingly comfortable and dry on a range of different face shapes and sizes. The somewhat stiff strap is just 5/8 inch wide, but the buckles swivel so you can set it at a comfortable angle. Testers rated the M70 very good for comfort, field of view and adjustment, and gave it the top score in the test for ease of clearing and equalizing—“clears with a puff, equalizes with no effort,” one test diver noted. The M70 was our Testers Choice for low-volume masks.

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