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Advanced Diving

Buddy Dive Bonaire

Learn all about Buddy Dive, a fully equipped dive resort on Bonaire, with accommodations for singles, couples, families and dive groups!

The Wild Side of Andros

Andros offers excellent opportunities for scuba diving enthusiasts. With its clear turquoise waters, vibrant coral reefs, and diverse marine life, Andros attracts divers from around the world.

How the BARE Guardian Tech Dry Drysuit Performed in My Intro to Cave Class

Where better to put a drysuit through its paces than in Florida's iconic cave systems? Okay, maybe Antarctica, but when you test drysuits in Florida, something that can hold up to the rough limestone walls of a cave takes precedence.

The Keys to Learning to Dive

Whether you plan to get scuba certified or want to advance your dive certification, the Florida Keys provide dive opportunities for all.

Sky High Scuba Diving in the Canadian Rockies

Husband and wife diving duo detail their alpine scuba diving adventures in two of Canada's most famous parks – Banff and Jasper National Park.

Scuba Diving in the Bahamas

Scuba Diving in the Bahamas

Tec Diving Key Largo's Iconic Wrecks

For those who think they’ve seen all the Florida Keys wrecks have to offer at the recreational level, tec diving can open up a whole new realm of possibilities.

Expert Tips for Your Next Drift Dive

Drift diving can be some of the greatest adrenaline-pumping moments of your diving life. These tips will help you on every dive.