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Big Animal Diving

The Underwater Thrill of Long Island

Long Island in the Bahamas is known for its remarkable diving opportunities, including vibrant coral reefs, blue holes, and stunning marine life.

The Deeper, Dialed-Up Side of Nassau

Nassau, the capital city of the Bahamas, offers an incredible underwater experience with diverse marine life, fascinating dive sites, and clear turquoise waters.

Dive it All on Grand Bahama

When it comes to diving, Grand Bahama Island has it all. From encountering sharks and playful dolphins to exploring captivating wrecks, vibrant reefs, mysterious caverns, and breathtaking caves, every dive is an adventure waiting to be discovered.

Dive Deeper into Wildlife Adventures

Explore the diverse and thrilling wildlife experiences available in Bimini. From scuba diving alongside majestic sharks to encountering exotic wildlife on the lush island.

Island of Natural Wonder

Island of Natural Wonder

An Undiscovered Natural Paradise in the Out Islands

An Undiscovered Natural Paradise in the Out Islands

The Best of Bimini: Where to Stay on this Dual-Island Destination

A perfect destination for a tropical vacation and the favoured escape of Ernest Hemingway, the Bahamian haven of Bimini is actually two islands in one: North & South Bimini.

The Bahamas’ Big Easy

Grand Bahama offers all the modern comforts of a big island with unlimited access to easy diving. Grand Bahama, the second most developed Bahamian Island, delivers what every new diver wants: Easy.

The Best Scuba Diving in the World

We polled thousands of divers—they say these places have the best diving in the world.