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Great Lakes

How to Dive Lake Erie's Shipwrecks

You can explore several wood-masted ships when wreck diving in the southernmost Great Lake.

Rare 300-foot Shipwreck Discovered at the Bottom of Lake Superior

Barge 129, the last missing Great Lakes whaleboat, was identified by a team of researchers, ending a more than century search for the wreckage.

The Best Destinations for Wreck Diving in 2022

Metalheads will adore these domestic and international wreck meccas.

Seven Spots for a U.S. Camp-and-Dive Trip

Pack a tent with your tank for an affordable and fun dive trip, whether you’re headed to Michigan or Maui.

Scuba Diving Canada's Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River

There are many intact and diveable shipwrecks scattered throughout Canada's Great Lakes.

Great Lakes Shipwrecks Like You've Never Seen Them Before

There are scores of shipwrecks in the Great Lakes that scuba divers can explore, but these photos present them in a new light.