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Stunning Photos from the First Antarctic Dive Expedition in Two Years

Dive glaciers, meet a leopard seal and spot nesting penguins with these stunning images from the Seiko Watch Antarctica expedition.

Exploring the Bahamas’ Crystal Caves in Abaco

What you need to know to dive Crystal Caves in Abaco, Bahamas, which wrap cave divers in caramel crystals trapping Sahara dust underground.

Diving with Leopard Seals in Antarctica

One determined diver achieves her dream of going nose-to-nose with an apex predator in its natural habitat. Here’s how you can dive with leopard seals in Antarctica too.

Great Lakes Shipwrecks Like You've Never Seen Them Before

There are scores of shipwrecks in the Great Lakes that scuba divers can explore, but these photos present them in a new light.

Scuba Diving Dutch Springs, Pennsylvania

Find fellow divers and surprisingly good scuba diving 75 miles from the sea at Dutch Springs in Pennsylvania

Diving a Secret Shipwreck in Lake Huron, Michigan

The Typo shipwreck can only be visited by 30 scuba divers a year, but Photo Contest Honorable Mention winner Becky Kagen Schott shows us this intact wreck.