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8 Best Places to Go Kelp Diving

Underwater kelp forests stretch along thousands of miles of coastlines worldwide. Teeming with marine life, these destinations are home to the best kelp-diving experiences.

How Spore Banks Can Save Kelp

Increasing water temperatures can spell disaster for kelp, underwater sea forests that are home to hundreds of species. Spore banks actively work to rescue and regrow kelp in distress

Coldwater Dispatches: Polar Jellyfish

Patrick Webster chronicles his coldwater adventures onboard Linblad Expeditions, highlighting the fascinating and colorful jellyfish found among polar kelp forests.

The Regenerative "Wonder Crop"

The Wonderful World of Kelp! Nine transformational uses for this regenerative wonder crop.

Divers Cull the Tide of Urchins to Help Save Kelp

A team of hammer-wielding divers cull urchins off the coast of California in an effort to restore kelp forests.