How to Care for Your Scuba BC | Scuba Diving

Dive Gear Tips: How to Take Care of Your BC

BC Maintenance

  • Start by giving your BC a good freshwater rinse to hose off any big chunks of sand and dirt.
    • Fill a tub with fresh water, dunk the BC repeatedly, then leave it alone for a five-minute soak.
    • Remove the BC from the tub and give it another hose rinse. Direct the water stream into the power inflator so the bladder fills with fresh water.
    • Drain the bladder using the exhaust valves so their internal parts get a good flush.
    • Inspect the BC’s corrugated hose and hardware for cracks and signs of wear. Also check all valve caps to make sure they’re tight.
    • Examine the integrated weight system. Ballast pouches need to be removed and cleaned to clear the quick-release buckles of any obstructions.
    • Finally, make sure everything is in working order by fully inflating the bladder and checking for leaks, then pulling the corrugated hose dump and remote exhaust valve cords to make sure they work.
    • Job completed, partially inflate the bladder to give it some shape and hang-dry it in some shade, ready for your next dive.