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Why Choose the Liveaboard Lifestyle?

Let us count the reasons, including some very unique ones
By Scuba Diving Partner | Created On June 2, 2023
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Why Choose the Liveaboard Lifestyle?

Large white yacht in water

Belize Aggressor IV

Courtesy of Aggressor Adventures

If you ask scuba divers what they enjoy most about the liveaboard lifestyle, you’ll get 10 different answers. While many like the amount of diving you can do during a weeklong liveaboard charter, others enjoy the relaxed pace of easily donning their gear and stepping off the back of the yacht. There are also those who like to wind down their diving day with a glass of wine and a gourmet meal after a nice hot shower, while the staff refills their tank and sprays off the day’s saltwater from their gear. And of course, there is the opportunity to explore a remote destination that day boats can’t access.

All those are excellent reasons for enjoying the liveaboard lifestyle. However, if you are looking for a little more from your week onboard a liveaboard, here is a sampling of Aggressor Fleet’s unique charters that make unforgettable experiences even more memorable — they are the proverbial “cherry on top of the ice cream.”

We all come back from our dives scouring the underwater critter books, trying to identify that colorful fish or nudibranch that we spotted. Learning the name should be only the first step. What is its life cycle? What are those plates on the backs of turtles called? What are their typical behaviors? Do they mate for life and why do I see them mostly in pairs? Book an Aggressor Critter Education adventure, and you’ll find all the answers and more. The more we understand, the more we can appreciate and enjoy our time under the sea. These quick, 15-minute nightly talks elevate your week aboard, all at no additional expense.

Sea turtle swimming in from of red coral

Learn the difference between a green back and a hawksbill turtle, with an Aggressor Critter Education adventure.

Courtesy of Aggressor Adventures

Are you thinking about replacing or adding to your existing scuba gear? Reserve one of the limited spaces on an Equipment Week! Our manufacturer partner brings all the latest and greatest, as well as some test gear, for you to try during the week. Have you been thinking about purchasing that wireless, hoseless, color-screen dive computer you’ve seen in the display case at your local dive shop? Do you want to settle the debate about a jacket-style BCD vs a back-inflate and find what is right for you? What about hearing directly from the manufacturer’s representative about the best practices for gear cleaning and maintenance after your diving is done for the week to protect your investment? Now you can get some real-world experience with brand-new gear to see if it is right for you, all without spending an extra dollar! All this is available as another of our unique charter programs as a benefit to our guests.

One of our most popular unique charters is our Family Weeks. If you have been thinking about getting your children into scuba and/or snorkeling, these weeks are custom made just for your family. Hosted by one of our Corporate Operations Staff, a Family Week gives your child a glimpse into the world we so love and are designed so that they develop the same passion for it. Interspersed between beachcombing and learning interesting tidbits of marine life education, it will be an adventure week they will never forget! Of course the added bonus is you getting in some great dives yourself during the week.

We also host celebrities during some very unique charters each year. Want to spend a week with Survivorman Les Stroud? His weeklong storytelling, combined with his musical talents, offers a week of unforgettable and intimate moments that you simply cannot get with him anywhere else. Want to spend a week with the most bad-ass woman on the planet? Book a week when Jennifer Stankus is hosting! Jenn offers nightly presentations about her participation in some of the hardest competitions ever held. From American Ninja Warrior to Navy Seal-led competitions, Jenn excels in every environment, including water competitions.

Two children onboard a yacht with an adult showing them scuba diving gear

Family Weeks combine a fun, safe and educational program for all ages from age five to older teenagers.

Courtesy of Aggressor Adventures

Do you wish you could enjoy a wine tasting that includes wine from almost every continent and grape variety while increasing your overall knowledge of wine history? Look out for our highly requested Wine Weeks. Hosted by Aggressor owner Wayne Brown, these weeks sell out almost instantly when announced! Held in the spring or fall when the sun sets early, you still get in your 5 dives a day, including a twilight/night dive. You are then treated to a short presentation on a piece of wine history and trivia, and a little about the nightly white and red wines being served. Don’t fret over being a new or novice wine connoisseur! These weeks are setup for every level of wine lover to enjoy the wines served, which are reasonably priced at your local wine shop.

Another week that is extremely popular are the Mike & Mike School of Photography trips that are offered during multiple weeks around the world. These weeks have a small premium added due to the extensive amount of photography classes and training that are conducted. If you are ready to either begin enjoying underwater photography or take your skills to the next level, these are the weeks for you! If you want to add a lot of laughter to your week of increasing your photography acumen, Mike & Mike has no equal. With a combined gazillion years of experience between them under the tutelage of the legendary Jim Church, you cannot find better teachers.

We all have a deep love for scuba diving and are always eager to get in more and more dives each year. The unique benefits of an Aggressor Adventures liveaboard lifestyle allow us to include our unique charters to take your passion for scuba diving to new heights!

Wayne B. Brown

Wayne B. Brown

CEO Aggressor Adventures

PADI Instructor 174820