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AquaLung Announces New Scuba Diving BCD, Dive Computer and More for 2022

By Scuba Diving Editors | Updated On November 22, 2021
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AquaLung Announces New Scuba Diving BCD, Dive Computer and More for 2022

AquaLung has announced their new scuba BCD, dive computer, scuba wetsuit and fins for 2022.

  • AquaLung i330R dive computer
  • AquaLung Xscape wetsuit
  • AquaLung Omni BCD
  • AquaLung Storm Fins


AquaLung i330 R Dive Computer

Bluetooth connectivity for easy saving and sharing via the free DiverLog+ app.

Jon Whittle

This computer combines a beginner-friendly two-button operation with advanced functionality such as nitrox compatibility, three-tank switching and Bluetooth connectivity. The color screen clearly displays important data and is easy to read at depth. The computer is powered by a rechargeable battery, and users can adjust screen brightness to extend battery life. The computer comes with a rugged nylon Nato strap for added security. History mode records the last 24 dives and users can download dive logs to the free DiverLog+ app.


AquaLung XScape Wetsuit

Neoprene-free suit is comfortable and environment-friendly.

Jon Whittle

This wetsuit is made of 4- and 3-mm neoprene sourced from natural, environmentally-friendly materials. The result is a warm and insulating suit that is lightweight and flexible. An inner fleece layer at the chest provides an additional layer of warmth. The suit is designed with an ergonomic cut to increase comfort and improve the range of motion of the neck, arms and legs. The back-zipper uses a double flap to prevent water entry. Silicone seals at the wrist and ankles are grippy, comfortable and effective at preventing water entry.


AquaLung Omni BCD

Customizable jacket BCD with dozens of size combinations and color options.

Jon Whittle

The Omni uses the same ModLock technology popularized by AquaLung’s Rouge and Outlaw BCDs, allowing for a fully-customizable jacket-style BCD. The Omni lets users fine-tune the fit with three separately sized components for the back, shoulders and waist. The personalization doesn’t stop there, as the system also has room for multiple accessory options and can be outfitted with different colored accents. The system is available with three different sized air cells and comes standard with four stainless D-rings and two zippered cargo pockets.


AquaLung Storm Fins

AquaLung Storm Scuba Fins

Jon Whittle

This Monprene fin is durable, lightweight and compact. It features an open-heel design, but is made to be worn with bare feet or light socks. An ergonomic foot pocket and molded heel pad enhance comfort and prevent fatigue. The fin features a bungee strap with a large grip for easy donning and doffing. The compact blade provides powerful, efficient thrust in a small package It is available in several different colors.