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Eric Douglas

Eric Douglas is an author and journalist known for his thriller novels with scuba diving, environment and ocean themes. He has been a dive instructor and a diver medic and worked for PADI, DAN and has written training articles for Scuba Diving since 2008.
He is also documentarian writing stories about Moskito Indians who scuba dive for lobster and photographing Russia after the Soviet Union broke up.

Beginner's Misfortune | Lessons for Life

Scuba diving without any training or understanding of dive equipment ends in disaster.

Fight or Flight | Lessons for Life

When a diver fails to handle her anxiety, blind panic turns a routine training dive into tragedy.

Fraught Flight | Lessons for Life

Ignoring mild joint pain sends a diver from the airport to a decompression chamber.

Hypoxia Scare | Lessons for Life

A freediving accident drives home why you always need to dive with a buddy.

Close Call | Lessons for Life

A likely case of immersion pulmonary edema leads to a dive emergency

Missing Thread | Lessons for Life

Staying with your buddy is a fundamental rule of diving no matter how experienced you are.

How to Snorkel Safely | Lessons for Life

Be truthful on your medical form, be fit to dive and practice your finning to avoid a snorkel accident.

Don't Force It | Lesson for Life

An after-dive nose bleed leaves a diver wondering if more serious issues are just around the corner.

Outer Limits | Lessons for Life

Getting tangled in a buoy line sends a nervous diver over the edge, with disastrous results.