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How to Score a Free PADI Club Membership Trial

PADI Club's constantly growing list of benefits includes Scuba Diving magazine and discounts on hot dive products and experiences.

"My Octopus Teacher" Director Pippa Ehrlich Earns Sea Hero Honors

Ehrlich's feature film debut, "My Octopus Teacher," ignited love for our oceans around the world. For her powerful storytelling, she is our November 2021 Sea Hero.

12 Stunning Underwater Images from Scuba Diving Magazine's Photo Contest

These beautiful underwater photos remind us of the ocean's wonder.

Staff Favorites From Scuba Diving's 2021 Photo Contest

While pictures didn't win a prize, they were too good to keep to ourselves.

Meet the Photographers that Won Scuba Diving Magazine's 2021 Photo Contest

Underwater photographers share their inspiration, advice, underwater misadventures and favorite spots to shoot.


Anesti Vega Awarded Sea Hero Honors for Diversity in Aquatics

Anesti Vega is on a mission to expand the accessibility of diving and exploration for all, and for that, he is recognized as our August 2021 Sea Hero.

Two Free Scuba Diving Courses to Get You Back in the Water

Restart your scuba diving adventure for free with either of these refresher courses when you join PADI Club.

Women's Dive Gear You'll Love

Scuba diving gear for women is now a category of its own — but it wasn't always that way. Check out some of the latest gear that is lady-diver approved.

Austin Gallagher Receives Sea Hero Honors for Shark Conservation Work

Dr. Austin Gallagher has shaped global shark conservation for more than a decade. For his efforts, he has been named our July 2021 Sea Hero.