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OTS Announces New Wireless Acoustic Receivers for Underwater Communications

OTS has released three new wireless acoustic receivers featuring next-level performance.

HOG Showcases Latest Scuba Diving BCDs and Regulator

HOG showcased their latest scuba diving BCDs and scuba regulator at DEMA 2021.

SlipIns Showcases New Dive Skin Patterns for 2022

SlipIns showcases new dive skins for 2022.

SpyderCo Announces New Salt 2 Dive Knives

Spyderco has announced new dives knives in their Salt 2 knife collection.

Scubapro Announces New Scuba Regulators, Fin, BCD and Dive Accessories For 2022

Scubapro has announced their new scuba gear for 2022 including several new scuba regulator systems.

Akona Announces New Scuba Wetsuits, Shorties and Vests for 2022

Akona has announced new scuba wetsuits, shorties and hoods for 2022.

Oceanic Showcases OceanSport Jacket BCD and New Freediving Gear for 2022

Oceanic Showcases OceanSport Jacket BCD and new freediving gear for 2022.

Gull Announces New Scuba Mask and Fin for 2022

Gull has announced a new dual-lens scuba mask and jet-style fin for 2022.

Bare Announces New Updates to Reactive and Evoke Scuba Diving Wetsuits

Bare has announced new updates to the Reactive and Evoke scuba diving wetsuits.