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Pinnacle Aquatics Showcases New Tahoe Neoprene Drysuit for 2022

Pinnacle Aquatics has showcased their new Tahoe neoprene drysuit for 2022.

Dive Rite Showcases New XT4 Scuba Regulator for 2022

Dive Rite has showcased their new XT4 second stage scuba regulator for 2022.

Garmin Showcases New Compact Descent Mk2S Dive Computer for 2022

Garmin has announced their new Descent Mk2S super-compact dive computer for 2022.

Seac Showcases New Screen Dive Computer for 2022

Seac showcases their new Screen dive computer.

Tekna Announces New Dive Knives and Underwater Strobe for 2022

Tekna has announced several new dive knives and underwater cutting tools for scuba divers and a high-intensity underwater strobe.

OTS Announces New Wireless Acoustic Receivers for Underwater Communications

OTS has released three new wireless acoustic receivers featuring next-level performance.

HOG Showcases Latest Scuba Diving BCDs and Regulator

HOG showcased their latest scuba diving BCDs and scuba regulator at DEMA 2021.

SlipIns Showcases New Dive Skin Patterns for 2022

SlipIns showcases new dive skins for 2022.

SpyderCo Announces New Salt 2 Dive Knives

Spyderco has announced new dives knives in their Salt 2 knife collection.