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How Becoming a Dive Pro Changed My Life

Five PADI Pros reflect on how joining the dive industry altered the course of their lives.

Thank You Scuba Diving Magazine's 2022 Photo Contest Sponsors

This year's winners are decked out with trips and top-of-the-line gear thanks to Aggressor Adventures, SCUBAPRO and SeaLife.

17 Incredible Underwater Images from Scuba Diving Magazine's Photo Contest

The 2022 Photo Contest Honorable Mention images showcase the ocean's breadth, from swarming baby shrimp to hulking tiger sharks.

Meet Scuba Diving Magazine's 2022 Photo Contest Winners

These award-winning underwater photographers share their competition advice, favorite subjects and more.

Winning Images from Scuba Diving's 2022 Underwater Photo Contest

From a flying fish to ice diving a whale skeleton, these are the underwater images that came out on top in *Scuba Diving's* 2022 Through Your Lens photo contest.

Access the Class That Helps You Avoid Scuba Diving Accidents

Learn how to avoid accidents based on 40 years of research by Divers Alert Network.

Win a Dive Trip with Aggressor Adventures and Georgia Aquarium

Aggressor Adventures and the Georgia Aquarium have teamed up to launch the Ocean Science Leadership Program to attract young marine professionals.

PADI Club Plans Benefit Expansions

You won’t want to miss what PADI Club has in store for next year.

Apeks Announces New Scuba Wetsuit and SMB Reel for 2022

Apeks has announced a new 8/7-mm scuba wetsuit and a heavy-duty SMB reel for 2022.