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New NASA Satellite to Map the Earth’s Seas

In Dec. 2022, NASA and its international space agency partners launched a new, satellite that will survey and map the planet’s oceans, rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

Do Fish Play? Evidence Says, Maybe

New scientific evidence suggests that fish like to play in the same way that puppies, humans and other species do. Further studies are needed to confirm the hypothesis.

World’s Largest Known Manta Ray Population Found Off Ecuador

Observations and photos donated by visiting scuba divers helped researchers estimate the record population around Isla de la Plata.

Challenger Space Shuttle Debris Discovered in Atlantic Ocean

History Channel documentary divers and crew searching for WWII-era aircraft wreckage found the debris in May. NASA has confirmed it is a part of the Challenger space shuttle.

A Diver’s Guide to Scuba Diving in Saba

Saba diving delivers stunning encounters on reefs, pinnacles and underwater peaks in waters that are protected island-wide.

Landmark New Shark Protections Will Let Countries Regulate the Shark Fin Trade

The international trade of nearly 100 shark and ray species—including those most commonly used in shark fin soup—can now be regulated after a landmark global vote in Panama.

Mermaids Save Distressed Diver From Drowning off of California's Catalina Island

Three women midway through a PADI Advanced Mermaid Training saved the life of a diver in distress.

Five Great Shipwrecks to Explore in Grenada

Travelers can choose from a plethora of wreck dives at this world-class Caribbean island diving destination.

World’s Deepest Female Diver Sets New Depth Record

Karen van den Oever descended more than 800 feet down into South Africa’s Boesmansgat cave in October. Her record has yet to be certified by Guinness World Records.