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$20 Billion Treasure Photographed in San José Wreck. Five Countries Say It's Their Property.

A deep-sea robot recently imaged the treasure within the wreck of the *San José*, a Spanish galleon sunk in 1708 of which Colombia, Spain, Peru, Panama and Bolivia all claim at least partial possession.

Giant Tortoise Believed Extinct for 100 Years Found Alive in Galápagos

A male fantastic giant tortoise collected from the Galápagos in 1906 was believed to be the only one until a female, discovered in 2019, was genetically confirmed to be the same species.

Red Sea Research Indicates Dolphins Use Corals for Skincare

Underwater observations of bottlenose dolphins show pods of dolphins rub themselves on specific coral species, which may prevent or treat an infection.

New System Automates Identifying Fish Calls to Further Reef Research

An Oregon State research team automated processing of data from underwater microphones, strengthening scientists' ability to monitor reef health.

New Species of Deep-Sea Crown Jelly Discovered in Monterey Bay

Three unique Atolla-like jellies collected in Monterey Bay in the last fifteen years have officially been declared a new species.

New Zealand Sea Sponges Suffer Mass Bleaching For The First Time

The mass bleaching of native sea sponges was spotted for the first time in New Zealand’s Breaksea Sound and Doubtful Sound fjords in Fiordland.

Scientists Discover ‘Yellow Brick Road’ Deep Under the Ocean

Deep-sea scientists aboard the Exploration Vessel Nautilus discovered evidence of ancient active volcanic geology that looks like the road to Oz.

Florida Keys Lionfish Derby Winners Bring in Record-Breaking 426 Invasive Fish

The sole team to brave the windy Monroe County waters for the Earth Day derby speared their way into derby history.

Pollutants from Sunscreens Accumulate in Seagrass, New Study Finds

Scientists studying seagrass meadows off the coast of Mallorca, Spain discovered ultraviolet filters in the stems of *Posidonia oceanica*, an endemic Mediterranean seagrass species.