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New Regulations Proposed for Hawaiian Manta Diving

Rules put forth by the state’s Department of Land and Natural Resources aim to address overcrowding and safety concerns that it says are due to the current lack of regulations.

VIDEO: New Deep Ocean Ecosystem—‘The Trapping Zone’—Discovered in the Maldives

Micro-nekton caught in benthic geography are supporting a food chain in a never-before-seen environs more than 1,600 feet deep.

Rare 300-foot Shipwreck Discovered at the Bottom of Lake Superior

Barge 129, the last missing Great Lakes whaleboat, was identified by a team of researchers, ending a more than century search for the wreckage.

Paraplegic Scuba Diver Attempts Three Underwater World Records

Dan Metcalfe is waiting for Guinness World Records to certify his swim—more than 17,000 feet underwater—as the longest within his disability category, along with two other record attempts.

Looters Disturb 1842 Wreck off Marathon Key

Hundreds of ballast stones were removed from the side of the shipwreck, exposing the wooden frames and planking of the *North America*. This will accelerate the ship’s degradation.

The Arctic Is Acidifying Up to Four Times Faster Than Other Oceans, New Study Finds

Melting sea ice is accelerating its uptake of carbon dioxide, driving a chemical change in the ocean that is a severe threat to life in the ocean.

Polish Traveler Replanting Corals Threatened by New Maldives Airport

Maria Sotek is overseeing a rescue mission for South Ari Atoll’s Maamigili Reef, which was buried with sand during construction of an airport runway on Maamigili Island.

Glowing Fish That Produce Antifreeze Discovered in the Arctic

The minute fish about the size of your fingernail has the highest expression levels of antifreeze proteins of scientists have ever seen.

Dugongs Declared Functionally Extinct in China

A survey of more than 60 fishing communities found no confirmed sightings of the mammal, which has lived in Chinese waters for hundreds of years.