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Travis Marshall

Travis Marshall is an Asheville, North Carolina-based writer and diver covering scuba diving training and travel.

Learn How to Use a Diver Propulsion Vehicle

A PADI Diver Propulsion Vehilce Speciality shows you how to use this equipment safely and quickly.

What is PADI Sidemount Diver Course?

Learning sidemount diving is useful exploring overhead environments like caves or shipwrecks.

What You Need to Know About a PADI Ice Diver Specialty

The PADI Ice Diver specialty covers the skills you need to appropriately manage your risk and confidently venture beneath the ice.

What to Know About PADI's Wreck Diver Certification

Diving the skeletons of sunken watercraft can be riveting, but it requires a specific set of skills.

What You Need to Know about PADI's Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty

Here's how to become an underwater photographer.

What is a PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider?

Delivering oxygen can help in a variety of dive accidents, including decompression sickness.

How to Navigate Underwater While Scuba Diving

In a PADI Underwater Navigator course, you’ll learn how to find your way along the seabed using a compass, fin kicks and other tricks.

How to Start Kids Scuba Diving

The PADI Seal Team program lets kids eight and older learn scuba diving fundamentals.

What You Need to Know About a PADI Dry Suit Diver Certification

Any Open Water Diver — including Junior Open Water Divers — can learn how to use a dry suit properly to unlock all-season adventure.