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By Scuba Diving Partner | Created On May 29, 2019
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Situated on the outer reaches of the Eastern Caribbean, Barbados is a unique mix of British influence and West Indies flavor. While the Atlantic pummels cliffs on the eastern shore, turquoise waters meet white sands on the island's leeward coast. Sugar production, the island's economic base for centuries, was surpassed by tourism in 1970, and today the island strives to offer something for everyone, diver and non-diver alike.

Most of the diving takes place along the shallow fringing and banking reefs of the leeward shore. The 360-foot Greek freighter Stavronikita, among the most impressive shipwrecks in the Caribbean, sits upright in 140 feet of water and hosts thriving communitites of rope sponge and barrel sponge. The lesser-known Berwyn, on the bottom of Carlisle Bay in 25 feet of water, is a good beginner wreck dive accessible from shore and frequented by snorkelers.

Weather: Summer temps push into the high 80Fs while winter temps fall into the high 60Fs.

Average Water Temp: Mid-80Fs in the summer to high 70Fs in the winter.

Average Visibility: 60 to 70 feet, with triple-digit days in the summer months.

**Travel Savvy: **A valid passport is required. Large transactions can be made with U.S. dollars or credit cards, but Barbados dollars are nice for small purchases.

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