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Night Diving the Wrecks of Barbados

Wrecks litter Carlisle Bay Marine Park, giving shore divers an easily accessible playground 24/7.

When Life Gives You Lionfish, Make Carpaccio!

In Barbados, the local community works together to keep lionfish off the coral reefs and on the menu.



4 Dives That Will Get You Hooked on Wreck Diving

Wreck routes and maps for four of the best dives to get hooked on wreck diving.

Best in Class: Why the Wrecks of Barbados Shine

Why scuba divers should consider the shipwrecks of Barbados among the best diving experiences in the Caribbean.

Beauty Is in the Eyes of the Diver: Stavronikita's Art Exhibit

The art exhibit by Austrian photographer and scuba diver Andreas Franke on Barbados's Stavronikita was beautiful. Here's a photo gallery of how it looked.

2011 Top 100 Gold List

One of our most coveted awards: Find out which operators, resorts and liveaboards made our Top 100 Gold List!