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ScubaLab Testers Choice: Seac Rip Fish Dive Knife

The Seac Rip Fish dive knife was a ScubaLab Testers Choice during the 2018 dive knife test. Learn what our testers liked about this knife in this video review. See the full ScubaLab dive knife review here.

I'm Roger Roy, the ScubaLab director. We tested the Seac Rip Fish dive knife. A versatile and well-made knife that can handle anything from all-around diving duties to spear-fishing, it was our Testers Choice for medium-sized knives.

We tested knives for their ability to cut a variety of lines, from monofilament fishing line to heavy rope. We also evaluated how well they held an edge after repeated use. We rated them for the performance of their sheaths, their locks and grips, and how easy they were to handle and operate - with and without gloves. We tested how they held up to extremely heavy use, including prying and cutting metal wires. And we gauged their resistance to corrosion by soaking them for up to 24 hours in salt water.

The 3.5-inch blade of the Rip Fish shows the knife's spearfishing orientation. But it proved itself a capable all-around dive knife, with good ergonomics, high-quality construction and a blade that cuts like the dickens. The sharp-tip blade has no line cutter, so cutting around sensitive spots requires care to avoid unwanted cuts. But the Rip Fish took the top combined cutting score in its category, with its hollow-ground stainless edge making short work of our test cuts. The thumb-lock sheath is secure and easy to use (though not quite as easy left-handed). And the grip is good with or without gloves. Made of a highly polished, magnetic steel, the knife showed a few spots of light corrosion after 24 hours in seawater. But they polished right off after unscrewing the handle, which removes easily for cleaning. The Seac Rip Fish was our Testers Choice for medium-sized knives.