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Scubapro Announces New Scuba Regulators, Fin, BCD and Dive Accessories For 2022

By Scuba Diving Editors | Updated On November 18, 2021
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Scubapro Announces New Scuba Regulators, Fin, BCD and Dive Accessories For 2022

Scubapro has announced their new scuba gear for 2022. Check out the details below.

  • Scubapro Digital Heart Rate Belt
  • Scubapro Sport Go Scuba Fin
  • Scubapro Jawz Ti scuba diving rescue tool
  • Scubapro MK19 First Stage Scuba Regulator
  • Scubapro Mk25 Evo Black Tech/G260 Carbon Black Tech Scuba Regulator
  • Scubapro Rebel BC
  • Scubapro S270 Second Stage Scuba Regulator


Scubapro Digital Heart Rate Belt

Scubapro Digital Heart Rate Belt

Courtesy Scubapro

When used with a compatible Scubapro dive computer, this heart rate monitor measures the diver’s heart rate and skin temperature, and factors the data into decompression calculations for a personalized dive plan based on the diver’s workload and biometrics. The data is displayed on the computer screen during the dive and can be reviewed in the LogTrak app. The new model uses a softer, more comfortable strap than Scubapro’s previous HR Belt, and features a more compact design. Technical improvements include increased accuracy, more reliable wireless communication and longer lasting battery life.


Scubapro Go Sport Scuba Fin

Scubapro's lightweight travel fin is now available in a pink.

Courtesy Scubapro

This travel-ready fin offers powerful propulsion in a compact, lightweight package. It is constructed out of durable Monprene to withstand long-term, heavy-duty use. The open-heel foot pocket is designed to be used with wetsuit booties and has been improved for maximum comfort and power transfer. Non-slip heel pads assist in navigating slippery surfaces. The Go Sport is now available in a new pink color in sizes XS through L. Other colors options are available in sizes XS-XL.


Scubapro Jawz Ti Scuba Rescue Tool

The Jawz Ti is available with a yellow glow-in-the-dark handle for improved visibility in low-light situations.

Courtesy Scubapro

This all-in-one multi-purpose rescue tool is designed to be worn on the upper chest area of a BCD using an included TacWare J-Clip. Made of corrosion-resistant titanium with stainless-steel hardware, it is made to withstand marine environments. It features two main cutting surfaces; a cutting blade on the spine for monofilament and netting, and a serrated hook for cuts that require pulling or slashing. The end of the tool features a window breaker and O2 valve wrench. The tip is blunted to protect sensitive areas and equipment during close cuts. The ergonomic handle is designed for easy one-handed use and is available in either black or glow-in-the-dark yellow.


Scubapro MK19 G260 scuba regulator

The Scubapro MK11 first stage is now available with the G260 regulator system (pictured here) and the A700 regulator system.

Courtesy Scubapro

replacing the older MK17. The MK19 is an environmentally sealed system that prevents water and pollutants from fouling up the inner mechanism, making it well-suited for contaminated diving conditions. It is also highly resistant to freezing. The new reg offers improved performance and a lighter, more compact design. The rotating turret gives users plenty of options for routing low-pressure hoses, including a central low-pressure port.


Scubapro MK25 Evo Black Tech with G260 Carbon Black Tech scuba regulator

Both the first and second stage regulators in this system can be outfitted with Scubapro's Black Tech DLC coating for increased corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Courtesy Scubapro

This regulator system combines Scubapro’s G260 second stage regulator with the MK25 EVO air-balanced, piston first stage for ultra-fast breathing performance. All metal parts are treated with a durable Black Tech Diamond-Like Carbon coating to protect them against corrosion and abrasion. The second-stage features a rugged carbon fiber cover with a reinforced technopolymer casing. Interior metal components such as the air barrel and valve inlet tube increase the reg’s resistance to freezing in extreme conditions. The regulator includes a zippered fabric case with specially fitted padding to protect the system during transport and storage.


Scubapro Rebel Children's BCD

Scubapro Rebel BCD

Courtesy Scubapro

Designed for younger divers, this BCD uses a wraparound air cell for increased stability and security at depth and is constructed of 420 denier nylon for lightweight durability. The backpack is padded for comfort. The shoulder straps feature a wide range of adjustment and each BCD comes with a small and large cummerbund in order to help smaller divers achieve the best possible fit. The system has two zippered pockets and four plastic D-rings. The pinch-to-release weight pockets are easy to load and ditch, and can be outfitted with optional weight pouches with easy-grab handles.


Scubapro S270 second stage regulator with MK2 EVO

The Scubapro S270 second stage is available with the MK2 EVO first stage (pictured here) and the MK11 first stage.

Courtesy Scubapro

This second stage reg features a lightweight fiberglass-reinforced nylon core with a special polyurethane outer layer to increase durability and diver comfort. The S270 offers smooth inhalation effort when diving at varying depths and supply pressures. A technopolymer plastic barrel with a metal thread reduces weight and increases freezing resistance in cold water. Low-profile exhaust tees minimize exhalation effort. The reg has a dive/pre-dive switch to prevent freeflows when the reg is not being used. The S270 is available with the both the MK11 and MK2 EVO first stages.