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Scuba Diving Training

Learn about scuba diving skills, trainings, certifications and lessons on how to make your scuba bottom time safe, fun and lasting! Also, see what it's like to scuba dive in crazy situations, read our Lessons for Life, get underwater photography tutorials and check out expert scuba dive hacks for any and every dive condition.

Expert Alex Mustard Shares His Secrets on How to Photograph Dolphins in the Wild

Dolphin encounters can be tough to photograph because they are unpredictable and highly variable, but few subjects will be so warmly appreciated by your friends.

Ask DAN: How do I shore dive safely?

Everything you need to know to prepare for your next shore dive.

Behind the (Underwater) Scenes: What it Takes to Be an Underwater Videographer for Netflix

The diving world is filled with people who have carved out unique careers for themselves as divers. Learn how this Canadian built her own film and water safety company for movies and TV shows.

Recent Articles

The Future of AI Editing and Underwater Photography

A brief overview of the new Generative Fill (AI) feature in Adobe Photoshop and three ways it can be used to edit underwater photos, closing with a few thoughts on AI and the future of underwater photography.

Where to Plan Your Next Family Liveaboard Dive Trip

Five liveaboards that are sure to get your kids hooked on the sport you love.

ASK DAN: How Does Heart Health Impact My Diving?

By adopting a physically active lifestyle, and maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system divers can reduce the risk of potential complications and fully embrace the wonders of exploring the underwater world.

In the Dark | Lessons for Life

Lack of preparation and practice spells trouble on a night dive catching lobster.

What It’s Like to Be an Aquarium Dive Safety Officer

Find out from diver Doug Batson what it takes to work as a dive safety officer in the aquarium industry.

Seeing in Depth: What it Takes to Create Underwater Maps

Peter McDougall and his team of dive mappers at Reef Smart Guides, help create detailed, waterproof dive site maps that divers use to navigate underwater

Ask DAN: How Can I Stay Warmer Underwater?

Preparing for cold temperatures is important when getting ready for dives.