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The Underwater Camera Gear Divers Need in 2022

Lights, cameras, cases and more!
By Robby Myers | Updated On April 26, 2022
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The Underwater Camera Gear Divers Need in 2022


A diver captures an image using a SeaLife camera.


How We Test Imaging Gear

ScubaLab’s testing of imaging gear aims to help buyers identify cameras, lights, and accessories with the capabilities they need. Testing of housings is designed to gauge how well each provides comfortable, easy access to a camera’s functions and features. We evaluate housings for ease of camera installation, compatibility with accessories, and features that make shooting easier and more convenient, sun as controls that glow in the dark.

Testing of compact action cameras evaluates each model’s ability to capture quality underwater video, and its ease of operation. Test divers score cameras on ease of setup, intuitive operation, ease of capturing video and effectiveness of features such as underwater color correction. Testers also rate footage from each camera for clarity, color, framing an image stability.

To test underwater video lights, we measure their total light output using an industry-standard integrating there operated by an accredited testing facility. We measure the output with batteries fully charged after one hour of continuous use. Ergonomics and the ease of operation of the light’s controls are evaluated in the water by test divers.

For ScubaLab gear reviews, visit our ScubaLab hub.


SeaLife Micro 3.0


Sealed, flood-proof design provides peace of mind for underwater shooters.


SeaLife’s Micro 3.0 camera is a compact user-friendly model that is fully sealed and waterproof to 200 feet (60 meters). The camera sports ergonomic piano key controls and intuitive operation, which is similar to previous models. The SeaLife Micro 3.0 has new features, including the ability to record shark 4K video at 30 frames per second. The 16-megapixel camera also features image stabilization, RAW image capture and an internal 64GB memory.

MSRP $599.99 |

SeaLife Micro 3.0 Pro Dual Beam Set


This pair makes for a capable, compact underwater video rig.


This set combines the user-friendly Micro 3.0 camera with the Sea Dragon Pro Dual Beam. Able to capture 4K video at 30 fps and 16-megapixel RAW images, the Micro pairs well with the versatile Pro Dual, which provides shooters with a 3,000-lumen flood beam, 1,500-lumen spotlight, red-light mode and more. The set includes a Flex-Connect single tray and grip, and allows for easy expansion into more lighting options.

MSRP $1,049.95 |

SeaLife ReefMaster RM-4K 2000 SET


Everything you need to start capturing high-quality photos and video

Jon Whittle

Everything you need to start capturing high-quality photos and video.


This set combines the ReefMaster RM-4K action camera with the Sea Dragon 2000F photo/video light for a compact imaging combination that boasts natural-looking color and 4K video capture. The camera’s wide field of view perfectly complements the light’s wide-angle flood beam. The included Flex-Connect Micro Tray and Grip make it easy to quickly assemble and disassemble the rig.

MSRP $599.95 |


Kraken Hydra 1500


Beginner-friendly light gives budding shooters a range of imaging tools

Jon Whittle

This compact, affordable underwater photo/video light is packed with features including a bright 1,500-lumen flood beam and 800-lumen spotlight. Red-light mode and auto-flash detection function are useful when using the light to pull focus for still photography. The included rechargeable battery powers the light for 85 minutes at 100 percent flood. One-button operation provides easy access to light functions and power settings.

MSRP $189 |

Kraken Hydra 6000


Combine your light and camera with a Kraken tray to complete your rig.


With a wide 100-degree, 6,000-lumen beam, this powerful remote-control-capable video light can also flash an 8,000-lumen burst when shooting still photography with a fiber optic cable. Red- light, ultraviolet and adjustable RGB modes give shooters tools to unleash their creativity underwater. Includes three-port USB charger for topping off batteries and USB C and Micro USB devices.

MSRP $750 (Hydra 6000); $145 (TR08Tray) |

Kraken Hydra 15000


Control up two lights with optional fiber-optic remote control

Jon Whittle

This super-bright, high-end video light can deliver a steady 120-degree, 15,000-lumen flood beam for up to 60 minutes. It can also provide an 18,000-lumen burst for still photography. The light features a built-in dome for smooth, super-wide-angle lighting. The light includes various modes, including red, green, blue and UV modes to tackle all sorts of subjects. Includes ball and YS mounts, battery and three-port USB charger.

MSRP $1,150 |

Nemo Power Tools 15K FloodLight


Anodized-aluminum construction depth-rated to 328 feet/100 meters.

Jon Whittle

Nemo’s flagship dive light was upgraded to output a powerful 15,000-lumen wide-angle beam that is well-suited for underwater videographers and photographers. The 120-degree flood beam has five manual power settings, with a 60-minute run time on full power. Includes two batteries that can be replaced while unit is underwater. Additional functions include a UV and white-flood-UV hybrid mode.

MSRP $547 |

SeaLife Sea Dragon 3000SF Pro Dual Beam


Multipurpose light provides solutions for underwater illumination.


Sporting multiple lighting modes, the Pro Dual outputs a 120-degree, 3,000-lumen flood beam and a 1,500-lumen spot beam for creative effects and for use as a primary dive light. A red-light mode can be used as a focus light or to pre-serve low-light vision in dark environments. One-button operation makes it simple to switch between all lighting modes, power levels and emergency strobe functions.

MSRP $499.95 |

SeaLife Sea Dragon 2000F


Wide-angle beam is ideal to pair with compact action cameras.


Designed to mimic natural sunlight, the 2000F’s COB LED array has a temperature of 5000K that produces colorful images. The light delivers up to 2,000 lumens in a 120-degree beam that is well-suited to underwater shooting. The corrosion-proof light head is rated to 330 feet (100 meters). A single push button cycles between three power levels and two emergency flash functions.

MSRP $299.95 |

SeaLife Sea Dragon 3000F Auto


Features auto-flash detection for use with underwater strobes.


This light quickly cycles between power modes with a single button, including a red “stealth” mode and an emergency flash. In addition to three manual power settings, an automatic mode allows the light’s photocell to automatically regulate brightness. The 120-degree, 3,000-lumen beam falls evenly without a hot spot. The 3000F Auto will run for 60 minutes at full power or 240 minutes on low.

MSRP $499.95 |

SeaLife Sea Dragon Duo 3000F Flash Set


Versatile underwater imaging rig suitable for video and still photography.


This versatile set delivers a 3,000-lumen video light and a universal fiber-optic strobe. The video light gives even illumination in a 120-degree beam. The red-light “stealth” mode is useful for video capture or as a focus light. The Sea Dragon strobe has an automatic TTL mode and 10 manual power settings. Set includes a Flex-Connect Dual Tray with two Flex- Connect Grips.

MSRP $899.95 |

SeaLife Sea Dragon Duo 5000F


Underwater imaging rig suitable for video and still photography.


Increase photo and video brightness with two Sea Dragon 2500F video lights. Waterproof to 330 feet (100 meters), these lights are designed to mimic sunlight, allowing for natural-looking colors in your underwater images and video. The light cycles through three power level options and two emergency flash functions with a single, easy-to-use button. Using a rechargeable, removable lithium-ion battery, the lights will each run for a whole hour at max output.

MSRP $899.95 |

SeaLife Sea Dragon Fluoro Dual Beam


Versatile light can switch from blue beam to normal white light.


The Sea Dragon Fluoro Dual Beam brings out the fluorescent wonders of the reef for eye-popping images and video. The Fluoro Dual Beam can also fire a 15-degree spot of white light at 800 lumens so you can use it as a primary dive light or to assist in finding the creatures divers seek at night. This versatile model also includes a pair of yellow filters for a mask and a universal lens cover.

MSRP $499.95 |

SeaLife Sea Dragon Universal Flash/Strobe


Powerful strobe offers manual control and TTL functionality.


Compatible with all SeaLife DC-series cameras and any other camera with a built-in flash, this strobe provides light and color for underwater images. The strobe features 10 power level settings for manual exposure control and an automatic TTL mode for simplified shooting. It comes with a snap-on diffuser, fiber-optic cable and universal flash link adapter. SeaLife Flex-Connect tray and grip are also included.

MSRP $399.95 |


SeaLife Micro Series Wide Angle Dome Lens


Mount and remove underwater, compatible with SeaLife’s Lens Caddy holder.


Get as close as 4 inches from your subject and get everything in frame with this ultra-wide-angle dome lens for SeaLife Micro-series cameras and the ReefMaster RM-4K camera. It provides up to 0.7x magnification and a 193-degree field of view with edge-to-edge sharpness and minimum distortion The polycarbonate dome is fully coated for optimal light transmission and scratch resistance.

MSRP $349 |

SeaLife SportDiver


Compatible with most Android phones and iPhone 7 through 13 Pro Max.


This bluetooth-enabled smartphone housing lets you put your smartphone’s sophisticated camera to work underwater. Using an app, shooters have access to all of their phone’s typical settings, including background blur and Live Photo. An ergonomic design allows for comfortable handheld shooting, but it can also be outfitted with a tray and lights. Depth-rated to 130 feet (40 meters), the SportDiver has a vacuum seal and dual leak alarms for additional security.

MSRP $349.95 |

SeaLife SportDiver Sea Dragon 2500 SeT


The ease and quality of shooting on a smartphone, but underwater.


Use your smartphone’s powerful imaging capabilities with this Bluetooth-enabled, vacuum-sealed housing when shooting underwater down to depths of 130 feet (40 meters). This set pairs the SportDiver housing with the brilliantly bright Sea Dragon 2500 video light for wide, even illumination and natural-looking color at depth. The set includes a SeaLife Flex-Connect single tray and grip.

MSRP $749.95 |