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VIDEO: 360-Degree Underwater Camera Captures Full Scuba Diving Experience

Explore Taiwan without getting wet by dragging the video screen up, down, left and right, the sights are virtually endless.

Scuba diver David Hsieh took a 360-degree camera underwater to capture what he saw while diving around Green Island, Taiwan. To capture this shot he used a 360Heros camera rig with six GoPro cameras. View this video and more of Hsieh's underwater 360-degree shots here.

Virtual reality videos have caught on as one of the latest tech trends. At the 2014 Scuba Show, 360Heros debuted the first successful 360-degree shark video by Bill McDonald. This video was viewable through Oculus Rift goggles, a headpiece that allows the wearer to look up, down and all around as they virtually "exist" inside whichever environment the film is set in. In that particular video, scuba fanatics got to experience diving with sharks at the Manta Ray Bay Resort's "Vertigo" dive site, without having to leave the building. YouTube also hopped on the virtual reality bandwagon in 2015 by allowing viewers to access to 360-degree videos on PCs and on its app, as long as the latest version of Google Chrome is being used.