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What Do Sea Turtles Eat?

Learn more about sea turtle diets for a few of the most common species.

What do sea turtles eat? Well, that depends on the species. Sea turtles range from a herbivorous diet to a carnivorous diet. Take a look at the video above to see sea turtles in action, and check out these facts about three of the most common sea turtle species.

Hawksbill Sea Turtle Diet

Hawksbill sea turtles are omnivorous, eating anemones, mollusks, crustaceans, jellyfish and more.But their favorite treat — as you can see in the video above — might just be sponges. Their narrow head and beak allow them to retrieve food from crevices and tough-to-reach places.

Green Sea Turtle Diet

Adult sea turtles are herbivores — unlike most sea turtle species — and their serrated jaws help them chew vegetation such as algae and seagrass. Juvenile green sea turtles are omnivores, eating crustaceans, jellyfish and more.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle Diet

Loggerhead sea turtles are carnivorous, as their jaw allows them to easily eat bottom dwellers such as crabs and sea urchins.

This video was shot by Andy Zunz on a Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 while traveling in Komodo, Indonesia, aboard the Arenui liveaboard.