8 Awesome Seahorse Photos from Our Underwater Photo Contest | Scuba Diving

8 Awesome Seahorse Photos from Our Underwater Photo Contest

Judging the Through Your Lens photo contest is one of our favorite parts of the year at Scuba Diving — but it’s also one of the most challenging. For the 2017 contest, we sifted through more than 2,500 awesome entries to find the best of the best in underwater photography. We wanted to highlight some of our favorite images that didn’t make the winner’s circle, but that blew us away nonetheless. Seahorses can be some of the most elusive creatures in the ocean, but our contest entrants proved that when encounters do happen, they're nothing short of magic. Here are some of our favorite seahorse photos from this year's contest.

See the 2017 winners here. The 2018 Through Your Lens photo contest is currently accepting entries. Learn more about the image categories and prizes here.

spiny seahorse

Spiny seahorses (Hippocampus histrix), are also called thorny seahorses. They are native to the Indo-Pacific region.

Helmut Theiss

seahorse coral reef

Coral reefs are a favorite habitat for seahorses.

Marco Gargiulo

seahorse backlit

There are about 40 known species of seahorses.

Tobias Friedrich

red seahorse japan

Seahorses come in many colors. This one was found in Chiba, Japan.

Jingong Zhang

seahorse diurnal

Seahorses are diurnal, meaning they're more active during the daytime, but some divers are lucky enough to spot them at night.

Meni Meller

outer space seahorse

This seahorse looks more like it's in outer space than the ocean.

J. Gregory Sherman

This seahorse was captured in the waters of Curacao in the Caribbean.

Kevin Stokell

seahorse lon-snouted italy

This long-snouted seahorse (Hippocampus guttulatus) can be found off Apulia, Italy.

Virginia Salzedo