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8 Breathtaking Underwater Images from Scuba Diving Magazine's 2023 Photo Contest

Our 2023 Honorable Mentions capture the enchanting beauty of life beneath the waves.

The Best Images of the 2023 Photo Contest (According to Our Staff)

With more than 3,000 submissions to this year’s Through Your Lens photo contest, there were bound to be some incredible photos that nevertheless didn’t take a prize. Our editorial team discusses some of the images that spoke to them and why.

Announcing Scuba Diving Magazine's 2023 Underwater Photo Contest Winners

From a tiny whip coral shrimp to an orca hunting rays, these are the underwater images that came out on top in *Scuba Diving's* 2023 Through Your Lens photo contest.

Meet Scuba Diving Magazine's 2023 Photo Contest Winners

These award-winning underwater photographers share their competition advice, favorite subjects and more.


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Pack Your Bags, We're Going to Bonaire!

In collaboration with our friends at [Buddy Dive]( PADI will be hosting another PADI Club trip: Dive Into Bonaire.

How to Celebrate World Oceans Day, Everyday

This World Oceans Day, the Scuba Diving magazine team is taking a quick moment to pledge to save the ocean and reflect on our role as stewards of the environment.

Meet the 2023 Scuba Diving Magazine Photo Contest Judges

Meet the guest judges of the 2023 Scuba Diving Magazine Photo Contest

Great Gifts for New Scuba Divers

Gear, gift cards, books and more that are ideal for anyone just starting on their diving journey.