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Pioneering Explorers Sylvia Earle and Mireya Mayor on How Exploration Powers Conservation

The pioneering scientists sat down with Scuba Diving magazine to share lessons from their lives in the field.

Fabien Cousteau is Mapping the Future of Ocean Exploration

Cousteau and partners mapped ocean floor Curaçao to help site an international underwater research station and contribute to the global seafloor mapping effort.

Everything You Need to Know About Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contests

How to carve a pumpkin underwater, the tools you need and design tips for divers celebrating Halloween beneath the waves.

Eight LGBTQ-Friendly Dive Destinations

These dive destinations offer legal protections and a warm welcome to the LGBTQIA+ community.

These Are the Best Friends in the Ocean

These marine “friends” have found ways to not only coexist but provide a benefit to their partner.

In the 2021 Ocean Olympics, These Marine Animals Take Gold

Meet the fastest, strongest, and most enduring animals in the ocean.

For The Love Of Sharks: What I Learned During a Week at ‘Shark School’

During a six-day shark Field School in Miami, learning how to perform a shark biopsy and draw its blood (for science) turns this diver into a stronger ocean advocate.

No Room For Invasive Species In The Florida Keys

For Earth Week, Rainbow Reef Dive Center in Key Largo hosted conservation dives and an Eco-Fair bringing together divers, brands and nonprofits for our oceans.

Top Eight Citizen-Science Dives in the Florida Keys

Eight ways to restore the coral reefs in the Florida Keys from coral restoration dives to cleanup dives and fish surveys.