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Video: Tahiti's Friendly Dolphin Brings Her Baby to Play With Scuba Divers

By Scuba Diving Editors | Updated On August 22, 2016
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Video: Tahiti's Friendly Dolphin Brings Her Baby to Play With Scuba Divers

If you have the chance to dive in Tahiti, take it. The islands of Tahiti have a well-deserved reputation of romance and beauty, and that holds true for underwater experiences as much as at the surface. You can read all about scuba diving Tahiti's Islands from our Deputy Editor Mary Frances Emmons, but the spark notes include drift diving with hundreds of sharks in Fakarava's Tamakohua Pass; hammerhead sighting in Rangiroa before riding the current though Tiputa Pass; and 200 feet of visibility paired with Barracuda, schooling fish, blacktip reef sharks, and other amazing animal encounters.

Thankfully, the author was able to capture video of arguably the coolest wild animal encounter she had in Tahiti: A diver-loving dolphin who actively seeks out belly rubs.

Meet “Touch Me” the dolphin. She lives in the warm waters of Tahiti. She loves to be pet and lets her calf enjoy belly rubs too. She earned her nickname thanks to her habit of presenting herself and her calf to divers for belly rubs. Read more about this encounter and other adventures while exploring the best diving in Tahiti.

According to author, videographer and Deputy Editor Mary Frances Emmons, it was the last day of diving in Tahiti when a female dolphin and large calf appeared. Unbelievably, the mother seemed to be introducing her baby to each of the divers, and both she and the calf rolled on their backs inviting the divers to give belly rubs and play with the beautiful creatures. Read the Full Story


  • Best Time To Visit: Year-Round (but prices are higher May-October)

  • Visibility: 100+ feet, sometimes more than 200 feet

  • Water Temperature: 79 degrees F in winter; 84 degrees F in summer

  • Travel Time: From Los Angeles, flight time is roughly 8 1/2 hours

  • Flight Info: For U.S. and European travelers, fly Air Tahiti Nui

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Video: Mary Frances Emmons Editing: Robby Myers