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6 Amazing Over-Under Photos from our 2016 Underwater Photo Contest

By Scuba Diving Partner | Published On May 17, 2017
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6 Amazing Over-Under Photos from our 2016 Underwater Photo Contest

Judging the "Through Your Lens" photo contest is always an exciting time of year at Scuba Diving magazine, but it can also be very tough. Each year proves more and more difficult for narrowing down the overall category winners. We absolutely love looking through your underwater images and want to highlight additional photographers that stood out. Check out the gallery below for six amazing over-under photographs that were submitted during the 2016 contest.

Enter your images in the 2017 Through Your Lens photo contest by May 31, 2017. You can enter a total of up to five images for free and the best part is, winners walk away with some pretty amazing prizes. This year there are FIVE different liveaboard trips up for grabs, courtesy of Aggressor Fleet.

Learn more about the image categories and prizes here.

over under octopus underwater photography

Over under octopus underwater photography

Gabriel Barathieu

"An octopus tentacles deployment in the lagoon of Mayotte."

over under sailfish underwater photography

Atlantic sailfish

Jason Sintek

Atlantic sailfish working together to form a school of sardines into a “baitball” for an easier feast. Frigate birds hovering above hoping to grab whatever gets close to the surface, as the birds never land or dive.

over under seal underwater photography

Sea lions

Greg Sherman

Isla Los Islotes is a place where the sea lions are extraordinarily curious and friendly. This little guy was fascinated by his reflection in my dome port.

over under shark underwater photography

Emerald Charters in Jupiter

John Nussbaum

Picture taken while diving with Emerald Charters in Jupiter, Florida.

over under turtle underwater photography

A green turtle

Gabriel Barathieu

"A green turtle back to breathe, I took the opportunity to immortalize this wonderful scene. Photo in mid-air, mid-water of a turtle. After sunset, the sky is ablaze."

over under whale shark underwater photography

Whale shark

Pete Oxford

A split shot as a whale shark surfaced at our dive boat, the Damai, in Cenderawasih Bay, Indonesia.