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How to Pick the Right Scuba Diving Fins

Bad fins can cramp your legs and style. The right fins will have you cruising.

How to Extend the Life of Your Regulator

Cleaning your regulator properly can make it last longer, and it only takes a few minutes after your dive.

Five Helpful Tips for New Underwater Photographers

Good buoyancy, the right equipment, and a commitment to developing your skills over time are all vital.

Spare Air 300 and Spare Air 600: ScubaLab Field Test

How long does a Spare Air really last underwater and does it provide enough air to get divers to the surface or to their dive buddy?

Beginner-Friendly Underwater Camera Gear for Scuba Divers

Looking to get into underwater photography, but not sure where to start? These underwater cameras and lights are perfect for beginners.

Cressi AC25 Master Cromo Regulator: ScubaLab Best Buy

With outsized comfort and performance, the Cressi AC25 Master Cromo was our Best Buy for regulators in the 2020 ScubaLab Regulator Test.

Genesis Prana Regulator: ScubaLab Testers Choice

With solid performance and lightweight comfort, the Genesis Prana was our Testers Choice for regs under $500 in the 2020 ScubaLab Regulator Test.

Scuba Diving the Enchanted Isles of Galapagos

Galapagos ranks high on most divers bucket-list but is also pure magic for non-divers.

Scuba Diving Video Games to Pass This Extended Surface Interval

Stuck too long without being able to get in the water? Here are three digital experiences that can help you feel submerged even if you’re far from the sea.