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Four New Underwater Action Cameras

Four new action cameras for underwater photographers, check out our initial impression of the GoPro Hero 8, DJI Osmo Action, SeaLife Reefmaster RM-4K and the Paralenz Vaquita.

How to Use the ScubaLab Mask Filter on Instagram and Facebook

Take a virtual dive by following these step-by-step instructions for using the ScubaLab mask filter on Facebook and Instagram.

How to Care for a Dive Computer

Make sure you are caring for your dive computer by following these pre and post-dive care tips.

Why You Need to Wear Layers Underwater

Exposure protection is important when you're in the sun and water all day. Here's how to maximize your comfort and safety.

How To Find the Perfect Mask

Make sure your scuba diving mask fits perfectly by practicing these six steps for a proper mask fitting.

Why You Need a Snorkel

Snorkels save your tank air for bottom time and make waiting for boats or unexpected surface swims in choppy water easier. Here's all the reasons you need a snorkel.

Tilos Revo Mask: ScubaLab Best Buy

With solid performance at a reasonable price, the Tilos Revo mask was our Best Buy for dual-lens masks.

Seac M70 Mask: ScubaLab Testers Choice

Lightweight and easy to clear, the Seac M70 mask was our Testers Choice for low-volume masks.

Apeks VX1 Mask: ScubaLab Testers Choice

Lightweight with a comfortable, dry seal, the Apeks VX1 was our Testers Choice for single-lens masks.