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Brooke Morton

I owe my love of diving to summer camp, getting certified at age 14. After college, I became an instructor, teaching on the island of St. Croix. Working for travel magazines, I've been lucky to travel to every continent on assignment, from jumping in the water with humpback whales in Antarctica to swimming alongside mantas in Asia.

The Best Liveaboards for Tech Divers

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Hands-On Diving: American Sign Language in the World of Scuba

PADI’s first deaf course director Thomas Koch on audism, the benefits of American Sign Language and the underwater hand signal you really need to stop using.

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Swim with saltwater crocodiles, hunt for pirate treasure and meet the world’s (second) smallest mammal. These unique surface interval excursions might make you late for your next dive.

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U.S.S. Oriskany

There are almost no better scuba bragging rights than diving an aircraft carrier.

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Get vertical, and enjoy drifts, stellar visibility and a wide range of wildlife. These are the best wall diving destinations for 2023.

MarineQuest Summer Program for Teens

Fun meets academic enrichment with these three marine-science-focused sessions at UNC Wilmington

Smoke Show: Where to Dive Top Coral Spawn Events

Brooke Morton uncovers seven top locations where you can find and dive coral spawning events. From Maui to St. Lucia it's a crowd-pleaser you don't want to miss.

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These destinations deliver the goods no matter your dive style, from Mexico to Indonesia.